100 Chess Endgames You Must Know to Win! (by Jesus de la Villa)

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100 Chess Endgames You Must Know to Win! (by Jesus de la Villa)

Chess Endgames are the one thing you must absolutely study and know inside and out in order to win chess games. Even if you know the openings and stun your opponent with some crazy middle game tactics, you will never win points unless you convert the end game.

Here is one of the best books for endgame study: 100 Chess Endgames You Must Know to Win! (by Jesus de la Villa). This book is amazing and will help your chess game in an amazing fashion!

Check out our lichess.org study on 100 endgames you must know here!

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1. Basic Endings:

Ending 1: The Rule of the Square

Ending 2: The pawn is on the 6th rank

Ending 3: Key Squares

Ending 4: The Rook’s Pawn. Defending King in Front of the Pawn

Ending 5: Imprisoning the Stronger Side’s King

Ending 6: Rook Vs Bishop. The Wrong Corner

Ending 7: Rook Vs Bishop. The Right Corner.

Ending 8: Rook Vs Knight. At the Edge of the Board.

Ending 9: Rook Vs Knight. In the Corner

2. Knight Vs Pawn

Ending 10: Knight Vs 7th-rank pawn

Ending 11: The knight’s pawn

Ending 12: The 6th-rank rook’s pawn

Ending 13: The 7th-rank rook’s pawn

Ending 14: King + Knight checkmate

Ending 15: The knight’s dumb square

3. Queen Vs Pawn

Ending 16: Queen Vs 7th-rank pawn

Ending 17: Queen Vs 7th-rank rook’s pawn

Ending 18: Queen Vs 7th-rank bishop’s pawn

Ending 19: A too-frequent trick

Ending 20: Queen Vs Queen

4. Rook Vs. Pawn

Ending 21: Kings do not push. Just counting

Ending 22: Defending king on the 3rd rank cut off along a rank

Ending 23: Strong king behind the pawn

Ending 24: Stronger side’s king on on side

Ending 25: The rook in front of the pawn

Ending 26: Special themes with a knight’s pawn

Ending 27: The rook’s pawn. Pushing from the rear

Ending 28: The rook’s pawn. Lateral push

Ending 29: The pawn wins against the rook

5. Rook Vs. 2 Pawns

Ending 30: Kings play no part

Ending 31: Both kings play a part

Ending 32: Only the defending king plays a part

6. Same-Coloured Bishops: Bishops + Pawn Vs Bishop

Ending 33: Driving off the defending bishop

Ending 34: In the rear of the pawn

Ending 35: The short diagonals

Ending 36: Frontal defence

7. Bishop Vs Knight: One pawn on the board

Ending 37: Central Pawn

Ending 38: The Rook’s Pawn

Ending 39: The pawn is on the 7th rank

Ending 40: Unstable position of the controlling knight

8. Opposite-Coloured Bishops: Bishop + 2 pawns Vs Bishop

Ending 41: Pawns on the 6th rank

Ending 42: Pawns on the 5th rank or behind

Ending 43: A very special pair of pawns. The cage.

Ending 44: Pawns separated by just one file

Ending 45: Controlling both pawns along the same diagonal

Ending 46: The winning procedure

Ending 47: Knight’s and central pawn

Ending 48: Central and rook’s pawns

Ending 49: Bishop’s and Knight’s pawns

Ending 50: The attacking bishops contols the promotion square of the knight’s pawn

Ending 51: Central and rook’s pawns

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