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Chess Games Online & Videos

So you’re looking to play some chess games online?

Or maybe, you are looking to watch some chess game videos online?

Then, you found the right place!

For chess games online, there’s two big chess websites: and There are millions of people playing chess on those websites every month so it’s easy to play a chess game at any time of the day.

But once you start playing chess games online, you also need to get good at chess. So, how do you get better at chess?

One way is by looking at chess videos online in order to see how the best GMs and IMs play chess – in other words, get inside their head while they play chess.

But how do you find those videos? Well, here at Chess Lovers Only we have you sorted.

Here are the best playlists for each of the big youtube channels out there!

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The Best Youtube Playlists for Chess Games Online:

Yes, we found what you are looking for! Here are the best youtube playlists for getting inside the head of the best GMS and IMS out there!

(Note: These playlists will get bigger and larger as we collect more and more great videos about chess games online).

1. Hanging Pawns:

a. Hanging Pawns – Road to GM Games
b. Hanging Pawns – Training Games
c. Hanging Pawns – Games played by Super GMs
d. Hanging Pawns – Classic Chess Games

Middle Game Strategies:

a. Middle Game Chess Ideas – by Hanging Pawns

White Opening Theory:

a. Guico Piano
b. King’s Gambit

Black Opening Theory:

a. Caro-Kann Defense
b. Pirc Defense
c. The Sicilian Defense
d. The French Defense
e. The Scandinavian Defense
f. The Modern Defense
g. Petrov Defense

2. John Bartholomew:

a. Standard Chess Games
b. Climbing the Rating Ladder

c. Using the Clock as a Weapon

d. Game Analysis
e. Chess Study or Books

3. Chess Network (Good Chess Games):

a. Super GM Games
b. Instructive Games

3. Chess to Progress:

a. Learn from the Classics

4. (Chess Games Online):

a. Super GM Games
b. Chess Strategy

5. Chess Edge:

a. Super GM Games

6. Chess Coach Andras

a. Private Lessons with IM Andras
b. The Amateur’s Mind
c. Inside My Mind
d. Know Thy Classics
e. 45-45 Lichess Competition Analysis

Tell us what you desperately need and we’ll write a chess guide for it (for free)!

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